※ Conference Chair

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Prof. Simon X. Yang                                             Prof. Wei Min Huang

University of Guelph, Canada                                Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

China                                                                      Singapore

※ Keynote Speakers

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Prof. Simon X. Yang                                              Prof. Wei Min Huang

University of Guelph, Canada                                 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

China                                                                       Singapore

※ Program Committee Chair

Mamoun Alazab.png                                                                            

Assoc. Prof. Mamoun Alazab                                                           

Darwin University, Australia             


※ Organizing Committees


   Dr. Hamid R. Ghaeini

   ZCISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security, Germany


   Research Area:

   Cyber-Physical Security,Information Security

Prof. Limeng Yin.jpg

   Prof. Limeng Yin

   Chongqing University of Science and Technology, China

   Research Area: 

   Electronic Packing and Mechanical Reliability

   Prof. Qiang Wang

   North university of China, China

   Research Area: 

   Material processing, Plastic forming

    Prof. Anjiang Cai

    Xi 'an university of architecture and technology, China

    Research Area: 

    Mechanical engineering, Advanced manufacturing technology

Assoc.Prof. Fanbiao Li.jpg

    Assoc.Prof. Fanbiao Li

    Central South University, China  

    Research Area:   

    Reliable signal processing techniques and applications (estimation, ltering, predictions)
    Modeling, analysis and design on hybrid dynamical systems (stochastic jumps, switching

※ International Technical Program Committees

Prof. Mohamed I. A. Othman.jpg

   Prof. Mohamed I. A. Othman

   Zagazig University, Egypt

   Research Area:

   Finite Element Method, Fluid Mechanics, Magnetothermoelasticity, 

   Thermoelasticity, Elasticity, Fiber-reinforced Heat and Mass Transfer

Prof. Shahrom Mahmud.jpg

   Prof. Shahrom Mahmud

   Universiti Sains, Malaysia

   Research Area:

   Nanophysics, semiconductor, high voltage MOV, optoelectronics, biomaterials, composites

A.Prof. Siti Norasmah Surip.jpg

   A. Prof. Siti Norasmah Surip

   Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

   Research Area:

   Nano materials & composites, Bio/ Green composites, Polymer / Rubber toughened

Prof. Majid R. Ayatollahi.jpg

   Prof. Majid R. Ayatollahi

   Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran

   Research Area:

   Fracture mechanics, Experimental and computational solid mechanics

Dr. Muhammad Fadhlullah bin Abd. Shukur.jpg

   Dr. Muhammad Fadhlullah bin Abd. Shukur 

   Fundamental and Applied Sciences Department, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia

   Research Area:

   Polymer electrolyte, Battery, Supercapacitor

Dr. Annie Anak Joseph.jpg

   Dr. Annie Anak Joseph 

   Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia 

   Research Area:

   Machine Learning, Feature extraction, Artificial intelligence, online learning

Prof. Hong Tao.jpg

   Prof. Hong Tao

   Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China

   Research Area:

   Advanced surface treatment on lightweight metal alloys, advanced metal forming technology

Dr. Nishant Kumar.jpg

   Dr. Nishant Kumar

   National University of Singapore, Singapore

   Research Area:   

   Power systems Optimization and Control

Prof. Yuegang Luo.jpg

   Prof. Yuegang Luo

   Dalian Minzu University, China

   Research Area: 

   Nonlinear vibration, rotor dynamics, intelligent fault diagnosis, vibration utilization engineering 

   Prof. Zhanbin Guo

   Heilongjiang bayi agricultural university, China

   Research Area: 

   Agricultural mechanical and electronic information engineering, Mechanical CAE technology

   A. Prof. Giuseppe Carbone

   Università della Calabria, Italia

   Research Area: 

   Mechanics of Manipulation and Grasp, Mechanics of Robots, Mechanics of Machinery

    Prof.  Darwin Tat Ming Lau

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

    Research Area: 

    Bio-inspired and manipulator robotics