Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

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Prof. Simon X. Yang  杨先一 教授

University of Guelph, Canada 


【Research Area  研究领域】

 Intelligent Systems, Robotics, Sensor and Multi-sensor Fusion, Wireless Sensor Networks


【Speech Title  演讲主题】

"Bioinspired Intelligent Approaches to Various Mechatronic Systems"


【Abstract  摘要】

Studies of biologically inspired intelligence have made significant progress in both understanding the biological intelligent systems and developing innovative bionic applications to various mechatronic and robotic applications. In this talk, I will start with a very brief introduction to biologically inspired computation and learning, and some bio-inspired computational techniques. After that, several practical applications in engineering systems will be presented, such as intelligent e-nose systems with applications to agricultural and biomedical systems, and intelligent real-time path planning, tracking and control of various autonomous robotic systems.


Prof. Wei Min Huang 

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


【Research Area  研究领域】

 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Materials Science


【Speech Title  演讲主题】

"Morphing Via Shape Memory Materials and Technology"


【Abstract  摘要】

The function of morphing enables structures, machines and devices to switch their shapes according to the requirements and working conditions. For instance, solar panels are only deployed from their packed shape after the satellites reach the orbit. Medical devices used in minimally invasive surgery maintain the closed shape during delivery. Morphing wings are used in unmanned aeroplanes to change the wing shape according to the flight mode. Buttons-on-demand in future fully autonomous cars needs switchable keyboard. Among others, bi-stable structure, compliant mechanism, and tensegrity system are some examples that have been proposed in the past.

Shape memory materials (SMMs) are featured by the interesting shape memory effect (SME), i.e., they are able to return their original shape, but only when a particular stimulus is applied. Typical stimuli include heat, chemical, and light, etc. Two most popular types of SMM are shape memory alloy and shape memory polymer.

In this talk, a brief introduction of various shape memory phenomena will be presented first. After that, we will show a range of morphing applications in aero/space missions, biomedical devices etc. utilizing shape memory alloy and shape memory polymer.


Prof. Junxi Bi  毕俊喜 教授

Inner Mongolia University of Technology, China


【Research Area  研究领域】

Reliability Design optimization and control of complex electromechanical equipment

Fault diagnosis and performance prediction of large equipment

Digital processing and intelligent manufacturing technology


【Speech Title  演讲主题】

"Reliability Analysis and Optimization of Key Parts of Low Pressure Cantilever Casting Machine."


【Abstract  摘要】

The reliability of low-pressure cantilever casting machine directly determines product performance of castings. The cantilever beam and gear assembly are the key components of the low-pressure cantilever casting machine. Its reliability can directly affect the working performance and service life of mechanical equipment and the product quality of low-pressure castings. In this report, Firstly, the design and model of the gear system are carried out to obtain the specific parameters and simulation model of the gear transmission system. Secondly, each gear pair is dynamically analyzed by LS-DYNA to acquire the rotation speed, meshing force, contact stress and the time history curves of bending stress of the gear pair, and then to achieve the maximum contact stress and the maximum bending stress of the gear meshing in the running process of each gear. Quasi-static method is used to acquire the dynamic stress curves of each gear pair. The distribution forms and statistical distributions of contact stress are obtained by rain-flow counting method. On the basis of the stress intensity interference model, analytical function of dynamic reliability of gears is established. The dynamic reliability of gears is calculated by using MATLAB. The reliability of contact fatigue and bending fatigue of each gear teeth is acquired. According to the calculation of the gears’ reliability, the reliability of gears is optimized with the purpose of the minimizing volume of gears. The reliability analysis of cantilever beam is based on hybrid stochastic finite element method. The reliability of the cantilever beam is achieved.